Round Leather Braiding

Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials. To start braiding take the bottom end and pass it between strands 2 and 3 then pull it down on the other side.

6 Strands Leather Braiding By John Leather Craft Tutorial Leather Tutorial Leather Craft

Linda brown aka knotty linda leathercrafter demonstrates braiding the 6 strand braid known as the snake belly braid.

Round leather braiding. Out of string yarn twine cord leather and more. Braiding usually causes a length shrinkage of around 1 4 depending on the thickness of the leather and the width of your strips. Choose the number of strands and the colors you want to use then get started on your own 4 or 8 strand round braid.

Round braiding leather involves an even number of strands with a minimum of four. Then make 2 slices down the length of the strip but stop cutting before you get to the ends so the leather stays in 1 piece. If you know how to make plaits you will have no difficulty while braiding.

To create the basic 3 strand braid this way first decide how long and wide you need your braid to be. A guide to the braids and knots that we use at leather and braid. Follow the trail of the turk s head knot and you travel back in time.

If you want to braid leather cut a 1 inch wide leather strip that is 1 third longer than you want your final braid to be. Take the strand lying on the outermost edge on your left move it over the strand that lies on the right and bring it under that which lies right in the middle. A round braid is a type of braid used for making jewelry slings straps etc.

Getting started with the mexican round braid on the edge of leather. Braiding will take up some of the length of your leather so you need to account for that. Start braiding by passing strand 1 over strand 2 and passing strand 3 over strand 1 then cross strand 2 over strand 3.

Then use the cord lying on the right and bring it around in a criss cross way towards the middle. Braiding leather and rawhide is truly an ancient art. Beginners should start with four strands as detailed here.

This braid requires an even number of strands but four or eight are most common. So if you want a 9 long braid you need to start by cutting strips about 12 long. It took me quite a while to learn how to do this because every video i found either had their hands in the way or waffled on about nothing for 10 minutes in.

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