One Time Bonus Credit Cards

Here I will review all of the credit cards I have gotten which you can only receive the sign up bonus once. As I accumulate more cards I will keep this section updated.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Sign Up Bonus = 40K Ultimate Rewards
Bonus Criteria = Spend 3,000$ in the first 3 months
Annual Fee = 95$ (0$ first year)

Straightforward rewards card —  nothing really special here. You get more from your points when you redeem for travel,  but I personally redeemed all my points for a statement credit. The reason I did this was because I use my US Bank rewards or Delta Skymiles for flights and the hotels were cheaper through my travel agent than they would have been through the Ultimate Rewards program.

Chase Ink (Business)

Sign Up Bonus = 50K Ultimate Rewards
Bonus Criteria = Spend 5,000$ in the first 3 months
Annual Fee = 95$ (0$ first year)

You  may think to yourself, “I don’t own a business, I can’t get a business card.” That is incorrect! I also thought this but I learned that you can actually sign up as a sole proprietorship just by using your first and last name as the business name and your social security number as the businesses tax ID.

This card has a very high spending requirement for the bonus which might turn some of you off. Your best bet is to wait and sign up for this card 1 month prior to a large expense you know is coming up. I signed up for this card right before my NHL season tickets were set for renewal and this expense took care of the majority of the spending requirement. With my card the limit was only 2K$ which make it slightly more of a pain to reach 5K$, keep in mind you can pay off your card mid month and wait about 2 days for the balance to clear and then use it again. I had to charge my season tickets over 2 different transactions over 1 week, but it is worth the effort.

One side note on this card, one week after I signed up for this card Chase had a special sign up bonus for small business week. For this week the sign up bonus was 60K points, I emailed Chase and asked them if I could also get this 60K bonus even though I had signed up for the card a week earlier. Chase was kind enough to give me the extra 10k points worth 100$ 🙂

US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards

Sign Up Bonus = 17.5K Flexperks Rewards
Bonus Criteria = Spend 2,750$ in the first 3 months
Annual Fee = 49$ (0$ first year)

Although this sign up bonus is a step down from the huge Chase rewards this is still a nice little bonus. It also helps that you can tie your rewards from this card to your US Bank Flexperks Select Rewards.

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