Long Term Credit Cards

In order to maintain a good credit score it is wise to keep a few cards long term because charging to and paying your credit card balance in full establishes good credit. The Chase Freedom and US Bank Flexperks Select  rewards cards are the ones I use and recommend using as your long term rewards cards.

Chase Freedom

Sign up Bonus = 10K Ultimate Rewards, equivalent to 100$
Bonus Criteria = Spend 500$ in the first 3 months
Annual Fee = None

The 5% cash back categories every three months are why I love this card. Six months out of the year gas is one of the categories. When gas is out, restaurants or groceries are in so we always have somewhere to be using our Freedom card. Keep in mind that I only recommend using this when the items purchased are in the 5% category, everything else should go towards your current sign up bonus card[LINK]. Because of these 5% categories and the no annual fee this is a great card to get and keep for ever for establishing and maintaining good credit.

5 Cash back

US Bank Flexperks Select Rewards

Sign up Bonus = 5K Flex Perks Rewards, equivalent to 50$
Bonus Criteria = Spend 250$ (no time frame)
Annual Fee = None

This card may not have as much draw as the Chase Freedom but there are a few reasons I keep this card. The first is that I do all my banking at US Bank so it is very convenient. Next, I have redeemed 80k points for a total of four round trip airline tickets on Delta with this card. In combination with my Gold Delta Skymiles card this is a great way to fly. I feel the US Bank Flex Perks rewards system is easier to manage and use than the ultimate rewards with Chase. In addition, I have just had a great personal experience[1] with US Bank and would recommend them to all of my friends. I know a lot of people have had difficulties with them but my wife and I have had nothing but great service.

[1]: When my wife and I moved into our new home we were extremely busy and I missed paying my CC bill that month. We had just opened our US Bank Flexperks Select Rewards account the previous week. We had the money in our checking account to cover the CC amount, but I had forgotten in the commotion of a new home. I sent US Bank an email asking them to forgive the interest charged (55$) as this was a “one time thing” and  I am very good about paying my CC’s on time. They credited the full amount.


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