Here is all of my(Hi, Wallet Engineer #1 here) taxable holdings for my dividend growth portfolio.

I am holding these stocks as part of my early retirement strategy.

My portfolio is a bit lacking – I recently bought a house!

Dividend Dynasty


If you want to populate something like RDS.A you need to use RDS-A for yahoo import syntax!

2011 Portfolio Tracking – $828.24

Portfolio Value: $828.24.

ΔValue from 2010: +$828.24

Dividends: $6.91

Distributions: $2.12

2012 Portfolio Tracking – $4,213.56

Portfolio Value: $3,840.49

ΔValue from 2011: +$3,012.25

Cash Balance: $373.07

Dividends: $72.50

Distributions: $9.11

2013 Portfolio Tracking -$13,801.49

Portfolio Value: $13,606.55

ΔValue from 2012: +$9,766.06

Cash Balance: $194.94

Dividends: $251.73

Distributions: $9.95


2014 Portfolio Tracking – $4,715.10

1 April 2014 – $17,223.58Update Here

1 May 2014 – $18,186.93 – Update Here

1 June 2014 – $19,109.80–  Update Here

1 July 2014 – $19,712.73 Update Here

1 August 2014 – $4,442.30 Update HereBought a house.

Remainder of 2014: Nothing of importance happened because of the house.

Portfolio Value: $4,486.88

ΔValue from 2013: –$9,119.67

Cash Balance: $228.22

Dividends: $381.60


2015 Portfolio Tracking

1 May 2015 – $6,931 Update Here

1 June 2015 – $7,615  Update Here

1 July 2015 – $8,001 Update Here

1 August 2015 –$9647  Update Here

Dividend Growth Investing Peers

Several of my peers have similar portfolios which can be found below:

Dividend Mantra: http://www.dividendmantra.com/portfolio/

All About Interest: http://www.allaboutinterest.com/p/portfolio.html

Passive Income Pursuit: http://www.passive-income-pursuit.com/p/my-portfolio_30.html


How To Create This Page

This portfolio was created by automatically importing Yahoo! Finance data into a Google Docs spreadsheet into WordPress.

I use the spreadsheet string : =ImportData(ʺhttp://finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=ABBV+ABT+AFL+BP+CAT+CVX+JNJ+KMI+KO+LGCY+MCD+MO+NLY+PM+TGT+XOM&f=snl1m3m4k4rdqyʺ) where everything after “&f=” can be parsed based on : http://dubd.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/google-docs-stoxpage/

*RDS.A stock needs to be entered as “RDS-A” in the above link instead of RDS.A

14 thoughts on “Portfolio

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    1. walletengineers@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks for the positive comments! Judging by our stats we’re making an impact, but it’s very nice to get comments that back up that sentiment.

      I’m slowly reducing recurring costs. I just bought a new phone which will save me about $60/ month, for example. As those go down, etc. I invest more. Occasionally, costs go up – car repairs, medical bills, etc.

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    1. walletengineers@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by!
      I do a lot of research through my own watch lists and criteria as well as reading other bloggers. For example, DividendMantra.com does reviews on stocks he purchases.

      Wallet Engineer

    2. walletengineers@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Michael,
      Definitely quite similar. I used to own KMI and RDS.B. I would own O, and maybe MRO.

      Looks like you might be chasing near-term yield instead of long term dividend growth and EPS growth?

      Wallet Engineer

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  8. Brent @ AAI

    It looks like your Yahoo formulas are down also. let me know if you find a work-around. It seems a lot of people are having issues right now importing from yahoo in google docs.


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