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2015 Wallet Engineers Article Review

2015 has been a moderately busy year for Wallet Engineers. Let’s take a look at some popular and interesting articles. I have handpicked several below! Choose one, or choose all! Here goes 2015 Wallet Engineers Article Review!

By Wallet Engineer

2015 Wallet Engineers Article Review

2015 Wallet Engineers Article Review

I started in January about How To Build a Sit Stand desk. I still use the desk and it only cost me $538! Which reminds me, I need to oil it because it’s real wood.

There was a list of 20+ money saving things I did in a single week in February. Tips that can be helpful to anyone, any time of the year.

In March I posted a fun article about the “Money Happiness Matrix“. A great look at money spending habits affect true happiness. I like to think of myself as a “Charles”. Sometimes I feel like a “Jill”. Be a Charles.

You can also read my rant about how fucking insane credit limits. Like giving someone free crack cocaine without even putting them through a D.A.R.E. (anti-drug) class.

In April I joined the Yakezie Challenge, but I’m having a difficult time maintaining a good content flow by myself.

I talked about why getting a tax refund is a stupid idea, unless you’re bad with money.

In May we learned about a really great life lesson: In All Things: Just Ask. Some great examples where just asking can really put you ahead.

In June, Wallet Engineers turned 2 years old!

In June I talked about a wonderful, frugal morning I had. Entertainment, exercise, and fun for nearly $0. I look forward to many more frugal mornings this spring/summer/fall.

Then we can learn how to be greedy when others are fearful. Back when the Dow Jones dropped 3.5% in a single day to 15,871 I was buying in!

October – I talked about how Americans really, really, are pathetically terrible at saving money (on average). I got a bit upset writing this article.