Who was Wallet Engineer #2

–Wallet Engineer #2 has retired (from Wallet Engineers) —

Hello all. I’m Wallet Engineer #2 – mainly because Wallet Engineer #1 has a superiority complex and I felt it would be easier this way. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Construction Management. My wife and I have both lived in the Twin Cities area our entire lives. We currently own a townhome near St. Paul where we live with our two dogs and cannot wait to welcome our first little one into our family this coming winter.

Although my parents were always smart with their money they never imagined their youngest son would grow up to be such a frugal (tight-ass) person. I do want to be clear, my wife and I do not live on Ramen noodles in a van down by the river, we just go the extra mile to do everything as financially responsibly as we can. Many times this just means doing a little more research and going the extra mile to save a little or a lot of money.

I will spend time writing about our experiences buying a home, using credit cards to our advantage, negotiating price on a used car, reviewing new products that can save you money, and anything else I feel might help someone save a few bucks.

We love to travel, go to Twins and Wild games, and spending time with our families. WE#1 convinced me to start this blog with him after I told him about getting our 10th credit card in as many months this past summer. I hope my life experiences will be of some usefulness to at least a few of you out there spending time on our little blog, thanks for reading!

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