Who is Wallet Engineer (#1)

Who is Wallet Engineer #1 [WE#1@walletengineers dawt com]

Hi, I’m Wallet Engineer #1! I hold a Bachelor’s of Chemical Engineering, B.Chem.E. I graduated in 4 years and you should, too. I happily grew up in small town Minnesota in a frugal middle class family. These values – spending less, doing it yourself, fixing it instead of buying new – have shaped me in to the Wallet Engineer I am today.

I am an INTJ based on the Myers-Briggs personality test. It is the personality most likely to retire early. Jacob @ EarlyRetirementExtreme talks a little about it here.

Furthermore, I am an engineer which is another push in the early retirement direction. Joe @ Retire By 40 talks about it here.

In February of 2014 I took a new position in Colorado. Find out how to move across country less expensively and why you should keep your moving receipts.

In July of 2014 I bought a house. Do you own Rent vs. Buy calculation. I put down 20% to avoid PMI – find out why PMI is never a good idea. I also sold most of my early retirement stocks to buy a house. I live in a small-ish home, and I advocate small house living to simplify your life internally and externally.

I want to offer my point of view on money, finances, savings and how it applies to life to you. For a long time I took for granted my spending habits and thought them to be the American norm, but have since learned that frugality, saving and a debt-free lifestyle are uncommon.

I am debt-free and not own a credit card[a bad thing] just got a credit card. For the first quarter of my life I was a credit ghost – I had no loans, debt or credit cards in my name to establish a credit history. Now that I have a credit card I raised my credit score to over 700 in 7 months. Now I have a 401k, a stock brokerage account and a Roth IRA.

Wallet Engineer #2 and I started this site when we realized that we do not have a traditional view of American finances. We spend less, save more and have less debt.

If you get a single piece of useful information from reading, that is worth my time.


I enjoy bouldering, running, computers, reading and sailing a 16′ catamaran older than myself when I have time.


B1 cave at my favorite climbing joint in town – Vertical Endeavors. Bouldering uses no ropes and the height is limited.

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