Yes, I am alive

Hey everyone!

Just popping in for a quick update. As some of you may have noticed I do reply to comments but new content has been nowhere to be seen. Sorry!

  1. Over the past several semesters (hint, hint) I have been taking classes at the local community college – Java, Advanced Java and now C++ and Intro to Database – to expand my skillset and stay relevant. Plus, computer programming is very interesting to me and Wallet Engineerette has a Computer Science degree. Java was a wild success, but a lot of work! Consequently, that is why I have not been here to hang out with all the awesome fans.
  2. You may have seen some mentions of The Escaped One who escaped the rat race of 40 hour per week corporate life and is now retired. He made his goal and retired on his 35th birthday. He built a tiny house and will be featured on HGTV. Apparently I am to credit with his retirement!  He will be taking up residence on his permanent plot of personal land this spring and I hope to see him before he stops by for a day. He is the hero we need!
  3. We are in the process of buying an older, used minivan (think Honda Odyssey) or cargo/conversion van. Wallet Engineerette and I plan to take out the middle and rear seats leaving only the front seats. We have had some fun adventures camping in the rain and wind here in Colorado… Then we will convert the rear to a mini camper like The Grove Guy. There’s about 90″ of length in a van and I am 73″ tall so creativity will be key. I saw a bitching design for a futon bed that folds hamburger style instead of hotdog style (check the link above)!
  4. I will be taking computer classes through December 2017 (C++, Python, Database) in addition to my Java.
  5. We took a nice visit to Pasadena, CA. Went down to Venice Beach as well.
  6. Investments are up, savings are stable. I have not bought anything lately. May sell CAT as the P/E is getting very high. Thinking about filling out my AFL position as P/E is still low – need yield > 2.5% though.
  7. Ran into Mr. Money Mustache at the local brewpub last month. He is doing well.
  8. February is Stout Month here in Colorado. I bet you are jealous!
  9. Almost finished the kitchen remodel – new floor, dishwasher, new laminate countertops, sink, faucet, new baseboard. Have to find special 2 3/4″ door pulls, though. The Escaped One will be stopping by to help tile the backsplash.


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