Wallet Engineer Turns 3 years old

Thanks for everyone who has followed the journey thus far! Wallet Engineers Turns 3 Years Old! If this blog were a baby, it would be creative and have feelings and use a rapidly expanding vocabulary. But it’s not a baby, so it’s boring and the vocabulary is dull and limited. goo, gah.

By Wallet Engineer

Wallet Engineers is THREE years old today. I’ve been going solo on the writing now for quite awhile now. However, we’ve had some interest in guest writers, Wallet Engineerette, and we have the story of The Escaped One a.k.a. Mr. Fixie coming.

Most days, including today, I find it difficult to fathom how far this blog has come. Also, it’s difficult to fathom how far is left to go to truly create a great blog. Wallet Engineers is a not-bad blog. No one has ever remarked, “Wallet Engineers is a great blog!”.

When I wrote this article last year for the 2nd anniversary I found inspiration here:

  1. Dividend Mantra
  2. Early Retirement Extreme
  3. Mr. Money Mustache

Dividend Mantra has since “retired” and a writing team has taken over his site. I don’t find it as interesting and don’t keep up on it. However if you are new, it is worth reading the past.

Early Retirement Extreme

Jakob is also retired from new content on the site, but the website keeps mixing up the content so any given day you can find new stuff. Plus the forums have active users. Jakob’s blog has always hit closest to home for me, and when I need a boost of resolve I always check back to his site.

This blog, by far, hits closest to home for me. I like to think we have similar stories – read his here. Jakob is also a very smart man and I enjoy knowing that I am getting my information from a like-minded individual.

The biggest difference is that Jakob seems to apply himself more than I do. Like Jakob, I am interested in learning. I haven’t mastered anything of importance. I have pursued home repair, gardening, wine making, and blogging. (update: now software programming).

I’m still discovering anticonsumerism and stock investing. However, to Jakob’s advantage, he is more hardcore about these beliefs.

I would love to meet Jakob one day. Jakob, this is an open invitation to come visit Longmont, CO.

Mr. Money Mustache

Pete is still writing. He could go the route of Jakob and recycle old content and let the forums self-moderate and still be an asset to the community.  He wrangled me into helping him unload his “shed” which was actually a miniature house. Come on, Pete!

Bonus: Mr. Fixie

Mr. Fixie doesn’t run a blog, he’s not “wealthy”, and he hasn’t done anything miraculous. But he retired at the ripe age of 35, just shy of his 36th birthday. A personal goal of his.

Mr. Fixie and I met at work and become fast friends. We began talking about early retirement, and I shared my knowledge with him. He was already well on his way, but we made some tweaks and I gave him some confidence that his dream was going to work.

He bought a house here in Stashtown, USA. He did some remodel work by himself and with his dad. After about 7 years he was able to rent out his house for a fair bit more than the cost of the mortgage.

He bought a second, quaint, house elsewhere in the US with a big garage as he is wont to work on used cars. He found a steal on a small RV and, come fall, he will journey around the US living off savings and rental income. Then he will take to the open ocean on a small sailboat for further retirement enjoyment. Then he bought some land in southern Colorado and will take residence in his epically modified bus this fall. I’m very, very jealous.


I often think about quitting Wallet Engineer’s and starting a blog about Dungeons and Dragons and general nerdery, but I want to change lives for the better and I think there is more impact with finance.

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