Wallet Watching – May 2016

It’s that time of the month! No, it’s budget time! A little wallet watching, budget balancing, money minding fun. I, too, have moments of weakness when it comes to spending money. Money which I have, but don’t need to spend. Let’s do Wallet Watching – May 2016. By Wallet Engineer

Wallet Watching – May 2016

Follow along every month as we track a real, live Engineer’s Budget — Find all Wallet Watching articles listed here. I use MINT (mint.com) to track my budget.

Quite a few expenses in May.  Gas was down, utilities were up (more water use for garden). I made a large investment in alcohol (going out of business sale, stocked up). We took a trip to Denver and got screwed at the parking garage. R.I.P. $13. I paid tuition for a new class at the community college (Programming!). We participated in the Bolder Boulder.

Home improvement was a total dump this month. Spent $500 on some bat exclusion (removal) and clean-up. Painted the fence – it was pretty grubby. Bought some flagstone for the garden area to walk around. Bought some soil for the garden (it doesn’t seem that good) – it said 2/3 top soil, 1/3 compost. Seems a lot like clay. bought lots of plants, vegetables for the garden, hanging baskets, hooks… you name it.  Hopefully I will keep myself busy with programming for the next few months and recharge on some of the money.

Income – $3486 = 1335 + 1000 + (750) + 400

  • $1335= set aside amount for all non-house-related expenses
  • $1000 = set aside for “housing” — mortgage, interest, insurance, taxes. Excludes home improvement
  • $750 = investment deposits, shown blue below
  • $400 = savings (generally saved for large bills, capital expenses, job loss)
  • $0 = tutor side hustle (after website’s cut). Shown below in blue.

Investments – $750

See my current portfolio.


Upcoming expenses (scheduled or desirable) : bathroom interior paint, two ceiling fans, radiant floor heating. Murphy bed? New front screen door. Replace back door and lock. Pressure regulator for the main – PSI too high.walletwatchingMay2016



Auto Insurance

Gas and Fuel

Phone, Movie, GYM

My phone bill has dropped dramatically since I dropped Verizon.

Alcohol and Bars

Bought a huge stock of stuff, going out of business ale.


Probably a bit higher than stated – bought some groceries from Target as well which are not showing up.

Fast Food and Restaurants

Mortgage and Rent


Home Improvement

I blew up the Home Improvement budget – AGAIN.

Worth every penny, though.


Normal bill is $30. Gigabit internet through the city will be here between MarchJune of 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July of 2015?? Looks like August. Looks like October. Not even close. As of today (11/5) they finally made some progress. 1500days got his fiber. (02/08)My brother is hooked up. They’re a block away! Seriously, what the fuck is up with Longmont fiber installation? Argggggggggggggggggggh. Still a block away 3 months later. Come the fuck on guys! still waiting.


Parking, Tuition, bolder Boulder, Target.

Start tracking your expenses today with Mint.com. Also, I did a Mint review.

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