Portfolio Update – Mini Milestone

As an more in depth view of my early retirement strategy I will now be giving monthly portfolio updates that track my slow march towards early retirement. Here is the Portfolio Update – January 2016.

By Wallet Engineer

Portfolio Update – Mini Milestone!


I am a dividend growth investor as part of my early retirement strategy. Every month I work to add positions in strong companies that have a wide moat, strong brand value, P/E <20 and a yield >2.5%.

Check the blogroll to see what our peers have been purchasing! They also have reviews!

Current Portfolio

New readers may not know that my portfolio is currently much smaller than it was in the past.

I sold stocks so I could put 20% down on my new house. I made a crapping-lot of sales, actually, and got charge a commission on each. I basically sold everything which left me emotionally bereft if I’m honest. I do not post solely about dividend growth investing, but it is the mechanism by which I intend to set myself free.

Biweekly contributions of $375. ($9,750 per year – Goal is closer to $12,000 per year)

The Mini Milestone

All of the above will look familiar to regular readers. However – the mini milestone of note is that as of 1/31/2016 I have once again exceeded the amount I had invested on 12/31/2013. That’s right! I once again have more than $13,800 invested in my portfolio.

I did not make the initial goal of being back to 13,800 by 12/31/2015 (2 years to the day). I was at 13,222 instead. A good showing.

So – when will we see a new record, exceeding the portfolio peak of $19,712.73 in June 2014?? Roughly 11 pay periods from now.  Without market intervention that puts me about 08/11/2016. Again, about a month shy of 2 years from 06/31/2014. Perhaps the market winds will help along my little financial sailboat. Puff puff.

I can’t wait to hit the mega milestone in August!

After that comes the first $100,000. Then $250,000. Then talk of the Ultimate Milestone. Financial security, and retirement.


What kind of milestones have you reached? What are you striving for in 2016??


4 thoughts on “Portfolio Update – Mini Milestone

  1. Income Surfer

    Don’t be discouraged that you sold some stock to buy a house. Stock investing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Our milestone goal this year is to remain in the same financial position, even after we have traveled for 3 months and I start a new firm. Time will tell, but I’m optimistic.

    1. walletengineers@gmail.com Post author

      Bryan, I do think in the long run the house will be a benefit. Especially here in Boulder county. It has also been a good thing for my lifestyle – I do things around the house (upgrades, gardening, landscaping) which keeps me occupied. Have fun tonight visiting with Mr. 1500Days!

      Wallet Engineer

  2. DivHut

    A home can offer much more than simply shelter. One’s net worth is a compositions of all assets, real estate, stocks, metals, cash, bonds, whatever. Keep adding to your portfolio as you have been, watch those dividends continue to grow and enjoy the journey. Thanks for sharing.

    1. walletengineers@gmail.com Post author

      Dividending it up here in dividend town. I will keep the slow and steady plod to the finish line. Once there – will I stop working? will I be financially secure? Take a long vacation. I cannot wait!
      Thanks for stopping, DivHut!


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