It Never Hurts to Ask

Although I portray Credit Card companies as blood sucking evil vampires on a regular basis in my blog posts sometimes they can be quit nice. Have you ever missed a payment because you were too busy? Or have you ever signed up for a CC one week before they bump up their sign-up reward? It never hurts to ask that big bad vampire to do you a favor, the worst thing they can do is say no. (or suck your blood).

By Wallet Engineer #2:

If you are a financially responsible adult, which you darn well should be after reading a years worth of this WalletEngineering GOLD!, more than likely your credit card company will be willing to do you a few favors. In the end, CC companies are like every other business and rely on customer service to keep their customers. Unless you are dealing with a cable company. Those fuckers all must have gotten together and decided “Hey if we all suck balls then those stupid consumers won’t have a choice but to deal with us”, bastards. Fortunately, in my experience, CC companies actually still give a damn whether their customers like them or not.

Missing CC payments

Say you missed a payment one month. If its your first time the CC company will most likely credit you the interest charged. I, for one, have experienced this on two separate occasions. The first time was with my US Bank Select Rewards card here are the emails I exchanged with US Bank in this case.



     I started a new job this week and have been very busy so I was 1 day late on paying the balance on my CC. Because of this I was charged 31$ and some cents. I had the money in my checking account and have never missed paying my credit card in full and was hoping for some leeway. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done.




             I called the credit card department and spoke with them, they didn’t show that your payment was ‘late’ but it was past the cut-off for you to pay the full balance and avoid interest charges. The lady I spoke with said that every month the full payment needs to be made by the 6th and no later. As long as its made on or before the 6th of every month there will be no interest charges. We did go ahead and waive the interest charges of $31.40 on this months bill. You should be able to see that on your next months statement.

See? Surprisingly nice! The second occurrence happened just a few months ago with my Chase Freedom card. A similar dialogue was had and they happily reimbursed me for the 25$ of interest I was charged. Unfortunately this was done via the messaging system through and those emails are deleted after 10 days so I don’t have them to share ;(. Granted not everyone will have the same experience I have had but it really never hurts to ask.

Missed Sign Up Bonus BONUS!

For all you avid WalletEngineer readers out there I am sure you are all too familiar with my love for CC Sign Up Bonuses. Two years ago I signed up for the Chase Ink Business Card in order to take advantage of their 500$ back after spending 5k$ in 3 months sign up bonus. To my chagrin the following week Chase increased this bonus from 500$ to 600$ in honor of small business week. I was very sad to see I had missed out on an additional 100$ by just 1 week. Yet again, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? So I sent Chase a message through their secure message system asking them nicely if I could also get in on the additional 100$ back since I had just signed up for the card the week before. They very kindly said yes and I was able to get 600$ back instead of 500$. This is probably a relatively common thing Chase does since just this year my wife received the exact same card and the following week, yet again, the bonus was increased (this prompted me to put small business week, which is in mid may, on my Google calendar, never missing that sucker again!).

In reality this can be applied to pretty much anything, not just credit cards. Many big businesses will do small favors for their customers in order to boost customer loyalty. Above I essentially made 260$ just by writing 4 simple emails. I also recently got Microsoft to refund my 60$ auto renewal of my Xbox live account because I forgot it was on auto renew and I never use my Xbox anymore. With how easy it is to contact companies these days via email why not start asking for some favors? It never hurts to ask.



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  1. LeisureFreak Tommy

    You are absolutely right and this goes beyond fees and sign up bonuses. I always pay my full credit card balance monthly. With cash back benefits with the card its nice that the bank actually pays me to use their credit card all year long. One time when making my payment I transposed the cents, instead of paying $890.75 I paid $890.57 as an example. My leaving a few cents on the balance meant they can charge the full month’s interest for $890.75. I called my branch and they waved the interest for me. I later talked to a long time bank employee over a cup of coffee away from their job and basically the bank will note on your account that credit was given and as long as you aren’t calling for an adjustment all the time then they usually have no problem giving a little help for a mistake. I have to assume most all banks and credit card companies work this way.


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