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Republic Wireless Unlimited Plan for $25 – Hell Yes.

I recently dumped my friggin’ expensive Verizon contract and picked up a “budget” carrier. Republic Wireless Unlimited Plan for $25 – Hell Yes! Dear readers, if you can find me a better carrier with a better deal – I’m all ears!

By Wallet Engineer #1

Republic Wireless is a no contract  MVNO – a wireless carrier that runs a “virtual network (VN)” that piggybacks on the Sprint network. Remember that this is exactly the same as Zact Wireless (both have 4G). Republic doesn’t have any physical stores, you can’t buy your phone in a store, you can’t refill minutes in a store. I’m totally kidding – it’s unlimited talk and text. The rest is true.


Republic Wireless currently offers two phones – Moto G and its better brother, Moto X. Side note: The little brother, Moto E, was released so I’d expect Republic Wireless to pick that up eventually.

I purchased the Moto G. It comes in two flavors – 8GB for $149+tax and 16GB for $179 +tax. I picked up the 16GB flavor because my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus had 32GB of storage. You can compare my old phone and new phone here. However, Moto G has a better processor, same amount of RAM… I’m still upgrading my phone!

Moto G - Wallet Engineers

Republic also offers the Moto X – which is the better of the two phones. More RAM, better graphics, faster processor, higher price tag. Slightly larger screen, too.

Moto X - Wallet Engineers

Customer Service

My experience with customer service so far has been fantastic. They’ve got all the features you’d expect – like a FAQ section and a database of answers. They also have a phone number portability checker – to see if you can port you phone number.

And if you still can’t find what you need. They have a giant friggin’ button to get help. I got a reply back in about half a day! And it was helpful. It was as if they weren’t brain-dead (If you’re brain-dead and reading this, I apologize for my insensitive remarks). Well played, Republic!

Need Help - Wallet Engineers

“HYBRID calling technology”

Your phone will use data, make calls, and send texts via Wi-Fi if you’re connected to Wi-Fi. It’s already an unlimited plan, but I think this helps Republic keep costs low because internet data is dirt cheap and cell data/calls are not.

Conceivably you could make phone calls deep inside a University research lab with a Wi-Fi connection or inside a hospital. I’m pretty ambivalent about it.


My number wasn’t portable. I’m very sad, but this is exceedingly rare. See the article here. Basically the group of numbers in XXX-469-XXXX weren’t in the bucket that Republic network had access to. Something about exchange carriers. Very sad. It took me three weeks to memorize my damn number because it doesn’t have any repeating numbers after the area code. My old number had the pattern 123-0123… hard to forget.

Sprint isn’t perfect in my area. Not really the fault of Republic Wireless on that one. So, I can’t make calls from the basement which I could do on Verizon. You can rarely get 4G on Sprint, which is a slight down step from Verizon.

Occasionally I will get an error “MOBILE IP REGISTRATION” ERROR (screenshot below) and my internet won’t work for a short period of time (2-5 minutes). I’m not sure why this happens and I haven’t tried to resolve the root cause yet as it hasn’t caused much of a problem. I’m not sure if this is on the Republic side or the Sprint side.


Lastly, I cannot text to five digits numbers (12345). For example, I cannot enter to win The Black Keys tickets from Local Radio Station. Damn!


My Bill

I chose the $25 per month plan. After all taxes and fees my total is $29.71 which you can see my monthly budget report.

The Plans —

You can switch your plans twice per month for free. Republic offers four plans.


All of the plans are unlimited talk & text, which means no overage fees. Ever. YAY!

$25 (which I have) -This gives you unlimited tax, text, and data for $25. Two things to note – the data is 3G, and your speeds are throttled after you use 5GB. However, 5GB is a lot for me, the most I used on my 4GB Verizon plan was ~1.8GB. Sprint 4G is crap here, so why pay for it!

$40 plan gives you 4G data, but requires the MOTO X.

$10 plan gives you unlimited talk and text.

$5 plan gives you unlimited talk, text, data, but is Wi-Fi only. Liken this to Vonage, MagicJack or Skype subscriptions, or Google Voice.


My Verizon contract was in the neighborhood of $90 per month. My Republic Wireless bill is $30 per month. I paid approximately the same amount for the phone with and without contract. I’m now saving $720 per year. That’s worth writing about!

Final Thoughts

I like the phones. I’m hoping they get the Moto E to fill in the sweet spot (~$79-99).

I love the plans and I’ll be sticking with Republic Wireless. My parents were using T-Mobile prepaid ($100 for 1000 minutes), but I’ve converted my parents to Republic!

Do I like Republic Wireless Unlimited Plan for $25 – Hell yes! If you want to be a convert like my family, we’d be happy to convert you, too, through our Wallet Engineers affiliate link:

Unlimited 3G Plan $25 per month from Republic Wireless <– This is what I have with my Moto G.

19 thoughts on “Republic Wireless Unlimited Plan for $25 – Hell Yes.

  1. Chris

    Only reason I didn’t get them was because there was no coverage at/ by work, but if you live& work in a metropolitan area, you should be fine.

  2. Dividend Mantra



    Republic has a lot to like. And I think $25 for cell service is very reasonable. I couldn’t imagine paying like $80/month for phone service. That’s just nuts.

    I personally went with Aio after a lot of research. It offers a superior network (ATT) for unlimited talk & text for the same $25 out-the-door, plus I didn’t need to buy an expensive phone. However, I only get Wi-Fi data, no 3G. But I also don’t have to deal with VoIP. But I’m glad I went with Aio, because Sprint basically offers no service where I’m now living in Michigan.

    Best of luck with Republic, though. Definitely has an interesting business model.

    Best wishes!

    1. Post author

      Hi DM,
      $80+ is NUTS! A financial barrier to freedom if I’ve ever seen one.

      Sprint is very pervasive throughout the US, but the coverage can be hit-or-miss. I’m only paying $25 a month for the same coverage others pay $60++ for, though. It gives me a warm-fuzzy feeling.

      Thanks for stopping!

  3. Mike S

    I use the Moto X with Republic Wireless and it’s a good phone for a decent price at $299. The price is a lot better than elsewhere for over $500. Republic also has access to Sprint’s roaming partners so the coverage is much better than other MVNOs from Sprint. All in all, great service at an awesome price.

    1. Post author

      Hi Mike,
      I agree that the Moto X is a good phone for the price – especially with no contract. I paid $199 on contract for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus two years ago. I’m also saving at least $600 per year, which is pretty awesome.

      Thanks for stopping!

  4. DivHut

    I’m curious to know how you like Republic after a few months. I have been looking at them as well. Currently, I use Ting which is great because I’m such a low volume user of talk time, rarely text (I use wi-fi to do so) and rarely use data (I use wi-fi as well for that). My bill is about $13 a month and I love the service. I hope you plan to write a follow up of your experience in 6 months. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ced

    I have had RW for over 4 months now and I couldn’t be happier!! IIt’s crazy knowing I was paying around $80 before with one of the big boy carriers. I really hated paying that bill each month.

    I haved taken this phone to Vegas, California, and Texas with no hiccup in service. What’s also great is their referral plan. I’m already lined up for the next three months saving $60 and trying to refer more to RW. Sweet

    1. Post author

      Thanks Dear Dividend!
      Did you get the Moto G (3G) or the high end Moto X (4G)?

      I also had a few folks contact us by e-mail asking about more information regarding Republic, so I think people are finding it helpful. I haven’t come across a better deal. You pay for the initial investment of the Republic-specific phone, but after that it’s cheap. I “paid off” my phone in 3 months because I’m saving so much darn money. If you’re only in the states for a few months I think you can get a better deal using something where you can get a cheap phone, but for any kind of permanent plan this is the way to go.

      My Mom & Dad each have smartphones now, too, because of Republic. I taught my dad how to text and he texted me a picture of something he wanted to sell on Craigslist. Crazy, crazy stuff! They use the $10/month plan, but use home Wi-Fi to do all the regular smartphone stuff.

      Thanks a bunch,
      Wallet Engineer #1

      1. Dear Dividend

        My wife and I each bought the Moto G. We have the $25/mo plans with the 3G service. I had a few hiccups the first day or two after I transferred my phone number but now it seems to be working fine. We’re happy so far.

        Dear Dividend

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