Cancel Comcast and Sign Up Again

Cancel Comcast And Experience Freedom

Last Friday I had one hell of a great day! I got to cancel Comcast and experience freedom. True freedom. Have you had the chance to savor true freedom? Television eats your life. Have you spent a full day without watching TV? How about a full week? I bet you didn’t die either!

By Wallet Engineer #1.


March 21st, 2014. A wonderful Friday. I called Comcast – and you have to call because they make it as hard as possible to cancel your service any other way. Don’t get me started about going inside a Comcast office, either. I’d rather stab myself in the stomach and die slowly than go back into a Comcast building. If you like the WW-whatever style wrestling they have on TV it might be right up your creek to serve your time in a Comcast queue. Have you ever seen a grown woman yell, cry then proceed to toss a cable box? Maybe she wasn’t as grown-up as suspected.

The Actual Story

Back to the narrative – I called Comcast and Gene picked up. Gene was a very friendly guy, extremely polite!
“Something something cordial, this is Gene. How can I help you?”
“Hey Gene! I need to cancel my Comcast at the end of this month. Can we do that right now?”
“I’m sorry to hear that sir. Was there a reason you’re cancelling XYZ today?”
“Actually, I’m moving to Germany at the beginning of April.”
“Oh wow. Let me pull up your account here… mmmhmm. Yup. Yes. Mmmhmm. Did you want to return the equipment to the nearest store or  should we send you some boxes?”

[Waves of anxiety crushed my soul. But wait, boxes? To my house? Like… Amazon? Oh yesssss!]
“Could you send me the  boxes? That would help me out a lot.”
“Sure thing. Well, it looks like you’re already paid up through the end of the month. Was there anything else I can help you with today?”
“No. That’s all. Thanks, Gene!”


That’s it. It took me – perhaps – six minutes. And Gene was super nice. Legitimately nice and friendly!

cancel comcast and sign up again

If you’re really that sadistic, here is how to do it intelligently.

Wallet Engineers Top Tip: Don’t say you’re staying in US. They try to get you into their ridiculous moving program, or try to get you to sign up for more deals or whatever. It’s a crapshoot. Don’t do it – even if you’re moving. Because! If you’re moving, you get the intro deal at your new address if you cancel comcast and sign up again. Yeah.

Wallet Engineers Top Tip: If you cancel your service at your current location and have your roommate (anyone with a different name) sign up in their name instead of yours, you get the intro deal at your same address if you cancel Comcast and sign up again. Yeah.


I’m now saving close to $90 each month! That’s roughly $6,645 @ 7% compound interest over the next five years.



There you have it folks. You don’t have to give yourself an appendectomy to cancel your Comcast service. (Although, if you need one it may be less expensive to go into the Comcast store instead of going to the hospital if you’re hardcore). If you haven’t bled from your eye sockets in a while and you’re looking for it again – you should go rushing to the nearest Comcast retail location!


But seriously, be nice to the customer service folkskeep calm – they have to deal with grown woman screaming and throwing cable boxes!

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