Zact Review – Four Months Still Bliss

It has now been 4 months since my wife and I switched from Verizon to Zact as our wireless provider. Although Zact’s available phones are limited compared to a big carrier and Zact (Sprint) coverage maps do not stack up to Verizon or AT&T. However, the money you can save with Zact is well worth the switch. Four months, still bliss with our new smartphones from Zact buy which cost less than our previous standard phones we had with Verizon. Here is the breakdown of our experience over the past 4 months as well as our average bill.

By Wallet Engineer #2:

When we were with Verizon our bill for two standard (dumb) phones with 750 shared minutes and 1000 texts per phone cost us 60$/month and that was after splitting the account cost’s between my parents and my grandmother. With Zact our average monthly bill after 4 months has been $33.34 so we are saving 26.66$/month for upgrading to smart phones! Think how much you could save by switching to Zact.

Zact Bill Break down

Plan(s) Monthly Talk 250 Plan $6.44
Monthly Text 1250 Plan $6.27
Monthly Data 150 Plan $4.52
Subtotal for Plans $17.23
Monthly Line Fees Line #2 $4.99
Line #1 $4.99
Subtotal for Monthly Line Fees $9.98
Government Taxes & Fees Transit Improvement Tax $0.09
9-1-1 & Tele-relay Surcharges $1.68
State Sales Tax $2.32
Federal Trs Fund $0.19
Federal Universal Service Fund $1.85
Subtotal for Taxes and Fees $6.13
TOTAL: 33.34$

As you can see from our bill talk and text through Zact is extremely cheap compared to the big boys like Verizon and AT&T. It is also nice to only pay for 250 minutes when that is what we use instead of paying for 750 every month and just wasting 500 of those. The key to keeping your bill relatively cheap with Zact is by not going crazy with data usage. With the availability of WiFi throughout the Twin Cities we hardly ever need to use network data.

Although many people like the idea of being able to jump on the internet where ever and when ever you want without having to link up with a million WiFi networks every day, is that convenience really worth the 100+$ extra it costs you to have Verizon or AT&T? I imagine at most I spend 10-15 minutes connecting to new WiFi networks every month so in my case it is well worth the effort.

Take a look at the Sprint coverage map here — if where you live is covered what are you waiting for? Switch now! If you use the link below we here at Wallet Engineers will receive a kick back from Zact. If you’re still not convinced, try our review one month in love with Zact!


5 thoughts on “Zact Review – Four Months Still Bliss

  1. Robert

    I really stopped by to get some feel for still new ZACT Mobile ; and i used & browsed ur site on different topics. I enjoyed the angles & various reviews. some i agree with & others i dont thus the value. I will return for more undoubtedly. im a new fan btw.

    MY QUESTION ? as i see you get a kickback for ZACT referrals – how does that affect your unbiased review or does it? IE: similar to, a consumer report style, i see other advertising here & wonder if a disclaimer should be implied? PS>Since i got a very sincere trust worthy feel to your website im feeling your reply will be a straight shooter type answer.

    Zact> swore off contract post paid cell service long time ago. had VirginMob not bad, currently have MetroPcs – pretty good, I like the brick & mortar connection + tax inclusive. Killer add on to call my business friends in Mexico, Now i am considering ZACT.

    1. Post author

      Hi Robert,
      WE#1 here (#2 wrote the article). Anyway, we wrote the article well before we ever found out about the affiliate program and haven’t amended the article since! Because we think highly of Zact they contacted US! Furthermore, the money you save in a single month by switching from a contract plan to Zact is about what we get for a commission – quite a bit, but not a lot to make people go all corrupt over! Thanks so much for stopping by. Feel free to e-mail us with suggestions, too.

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  3. Karen

    Switching from Verizon to ZACT. I agree with your review and comments. Hopefully I am the same experience.

    1. Post author

      AND THEY HAVE 4G! You can’t say that about any other MVNO’s (Zact, Straight Talk, Republic are MVNOs)! Feel free to sign up for the newsletter on the right, we send out a new one every two weeks or so!

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen!


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