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Most people these days no longer have a home phone due to everyone having a cell phone. But even if you do not currently have a home phone, setting up a Google Voice phone in your house can still save you money by lowering the minutes you use through your wireless provider. This post discusses how my wife and I save money by using Google Voice.

By Wallet Engineer #2:

In order to get started using Google Voice you will need the following

I personally chose to set up a new Google account specifically for our new home phone. This is just because I already had a Google Voice account I have tethered to my mobile phone and you can only have 1 free phone number per Google account.

Once I had all of the required items I followed this guide for setting up my phone. It takes a good half hour to an hour to get everything set up but once you have it working it works just like a home phone. We have had ours now for about 2 years and have had no problems. I expected when we changed from Comcast to Century Link to save money, you can read the article here, we would have to reset up the Obi100 but to my delight I plugged it into the new Century Link router and it worked just fine!

Money Saved

My wife and I were some of the few that still held on to our home phone even though we each have owned cell phones for over ten years. My wife liked having one for her family to have to call us just in case something happened to our cell phones but considering how infrequently we used the land the cost started to REALLY bug me after a while. When I learned about using Google Voice as a home phone I was extremely excited. Finally I can get rid of this damn monthly phone bill! We have been saving about 25$/month since we installed our Obi100, which covers the cost of the adapter 15 times over.

Another way we save money by using Google Voice is it allows us to minimize the minutes we use on our cell phones each month. Since we have switched to Zact we can save a few bucks a month by trying to use as few minutes as we possibly can. Granted this only saves us around 2-3 dollars per month its still kind of fun for my wife and I to try and get our bill as low as possible.

All in all, setting up Google Voice as a home phone can save everyone money and having a land line can come in handy. As your Google Voice number is not listed anywhere and Google does not give them out you can be confident in never getting telemarketers calling. BONUS! The 40$ adapter and hour of your time to get it set up are well worth it. Please keep in mind you cannot make 911 calls from a Google Voice number so you will need to use your mobile in case of emergencies.

If giving up your home phone number you have had for 25+ years like my parents have you CAN keep it but the process seems lengthy and we Wallet Engineers have not tried it yet but the full walk through can be found here.

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