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Being as financially focused as I am I have often tried to find a good side hustle, WE#1 covered getting a side hustle last week. There are hundreds of ways you can make an extra buck, but the amount of effort for each varies a great deal. I have considered/tried the following “side hustles”: flipping things from Craigslist onto Ebay, making something and selling it on Etsy, becoming a part time home inspector, starting a website with Blueshost, and working as an at home search engine analyst for Leapforce. This article will cover my 3 month stint working at home for Leapforce.


By Wallet Engineer #2:

What is Leapforce

Leapforce is a sub-contractor Google uses to hire workers who analyze Google search results. If you take a trip over to their site you will see how wonderful they make the experience sound with phrases like:

  • “It’s time your job worked around your schedule”
  • “It’s time to trade in your regular commute for a walk down the hall” and
  • It’s time you enjoyed the benefits and convenience of working from home.”

Reading these almost made me want to rejoin their ranks, which I may do in the future.

How to become a Leap Force agent

The first step to becoming a Leap Force agent is to apply to take their entrance exam. The entrance exam is about 20 questions which are all very basic internet questions that anyone who knows how to use Google will not have an issue with. Once you get through the first test you get moved onto the next test where they give you 200 tasks you would perform as a Leap Force agent. There are many people out there who think it’s impossible to pass the first time you take the 200 task test and Leapforce is just getting free labor from everyone who takes it considering you do not get paid for these tests. Also, because I failed the first time through, these people may be onto something but I tend to believe this is not the case. About a week after failing the first attempt they sent me an email telling me I had a second chance, WOOHOO! I almost did not go through with it because the first go around took me a good 4 hours and I did not want to put that effort forth again if I was not going to get any compensation. Alas, I did take the test a second time and was offered a position. Leapforce hires you for a 6 month contract which they may renew depending on your performance. Considering I literally did nothing after the first 3 months and they still renewed me for another 6 months I don’t think their requirements are very high.  

What it is like working at home for Leapforce?

Once you are hired they give you a login to access their task database where you will go to find work and log your hours. You need to download a few plugins for Mozilla which allows them to track how many tasks you perform and adds a few more levels of security to their site. Once you have the added plugins you will want to get yourself an easy to use time logger. I honestly cannot remember which one I used but Google “Task Tracker” and take your pick.

Now that you have your login and software updated you are ready to begin working. This is where I ran into my first issue with Leap Force — there was not always work to be done so I would log in ready to make a few extra bucks and find zero tasks available which means no money for you! This happened more often during what I would consider peak free time hours i.e. weekday evenings and pretty much all day on the weekend. Now if you wanted to work after midnight central time you would usually have no problem finding tasks to do.

Provided you do have tasks available to you, logging your time and getting paid for that time was pretty easy from my experience. Just remember to fill out your time card on Leap Forces website after each working session and submit your time card every month. They have a set metric of how many tasks they expect you to complete in an a set time frame. I would usually get things done faster than what they had listed as the expected time. For instance I would get 20 tasks done in 45 minutes and they expected it to take me an hour. As I was my own time card keeper I would typically put down that I had worked an hour in these situations considering I completed as many tasks as they expected someone else to do in 1 hour so why shouldn’t I get paid for an hour? This mentality typically lead to Leap Force disputing my time cards and forcing me to reduce my claimed hours worked by 15 to 30 minutes which was no big deal to me because I was still getting paid for more time than I actually spent working — no complaints here.


In the long run, working at home for Leapforce, I just got tired of logging on and finding no work to be done so I just stopped logging on. This lead Leap Force to cancel my contract after 1 year. During my run with them I made about 600$ of extra income just for sacrificing some of my free time. Not a bad deal considering I could listen to Pandora or half watch something on Netflix while I looked at Google search pages. If there would have been a more consistent flow of work I would probably still be doing a few hours of work for them each week and not writing this article due to their non-disclosure agreement enforced while an employee. If you have the free time and are a little more patient than myself you may thrive as a Leap Force agent. Myself, I’m now saving a boatload of money every month with Zact Wireless.

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